Monday, Nov 6th

For everyone wondering what has happened to, here is some news. Donny and Tom Wright along with Matt Buffalo Hammersley and Danny Cartwright started the Bore Riders Club in 1997 as a group of friends regularly surfing the bore and exploring the then "uncharted" waters of the lower river. As the local community grew a bit over the next two years and long term locals, Steve King and Dave James, joined the club, evolved as a repository for the local crew to share their experiences, impart useful and friendly information to all those passing through and ultimately as a general catalogue of the growing material that would eventually become Longwave.

Things have changed so much and the original four have all moved away, excepting Donny who has actually moved back to the Forest of Dean, that the era has lost its meaning. The making of the film Longwave, now complete, documents the lifestyle we enjoyed for the best part of a decade.

We have decided therefore to move all the original archives back to Still Stoked from which the Bore Riders site initially evolved. This will take place gradually over the winter months. will in due course be linked to this repository so that all the information is still available as a resource for bore surfers and tidal bore researchers alike as well as for the general public in search of the natural wonder of the Severn bore.

Everything you may want to know about surfing the Severn bore can be found in the film and extras of the DVD Longwave. It is literally the only film which both documents world tidal bore surfing upto 2005 and the sub culture of bore surfing along with the only full on guide to surfing the Severn bore and finding the surfable bores of the world.

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