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In 2002, regular Mascaret riders Fabrice and Anthony Colas decided it was time to invest in a zodiac to hunt down some of the more spectacular sections of the Gironde Mascaret. Joined by fellow locals, the team has discovered and named numerous inaccesible new breaks, which produce a variety of waves.
In September 2002, sponsored by Yep Expeditions, the brothers offered to guide 2001 European Longboard Champion, Romain Maurin, along the Mascaret's course. With Fabrice at the helm, Anthony captured Romain's fine display of ocean surfing on film, as he conquered an impressive Mascaret.
'The 40 HP Yamaha on the Zodiac starts rolling. On one hand, we can't stay idle because we'll get too much water in since the evacuation plugs are broken. On the other hand, we can't go full speed as the propeller hit a huge log underwater the day before...'
Extract from Up The River by Anthony Colas
Image Courtesy Tom Wright Image Courtesy Tom Wright Image Courtesy Tom Wright