General Pages

Home Page - Welcome page with latest news updates for the site and the River Severn
An Introduction - An introduction to the sport and it's devoted following
Child of the Moon - General information on the lunar cycles and tides (under development)
Coffee Break - General tidal bore stats, bumper crossword, and our GUESTBOOK
Daily Photo - Random daily tidal bore surfing photograph, from contributors
Dragon Surfing - Pictures and information on the 1988 attempt on the Qiantang (under development)
Message Board - General message board for posting all things bore related


Mascaret Pages - Introduction to the Mascaret and links to section pages
Hunting the Mascaret - Yep Expeditions accompanies Romain Maurin on a search for new breaks
Mascaret 2001 - Severn Bore Riders Tour to Bordeaux in 2001, with four chapters of adventures (in PDF)
Port St Pardon - Information about Port St Pardon on the Dordogne River, the main stop-off for any Mascaret surfer
Surfing the Mascaret - A brief history and information on the Mascaret locals


Pororoca Pages - Introduction to the Amazon Pororoca and links to section pages
Surfing the Pororoca - About Pororoca surfing and latest news and events from the basin

Severn Bore

Severn Bore Pages - Introduction to the Severn Bore and links to section pages
Diaries and Reports - A list of diaries composed between 1998 and 2001 (in PDF) and regular reports from the River
Experiences - An open message board to post any exciting experiences you have had on the Severn Bore
History and Archives - Links to archive articles, and a history database of Severn Bore surfing
Recent Pictures - Latest photos of the Severn Bore, and a few of our favourites
Latest Tide Times - Latest tide times for the Severn Bore, for arrival at Newnham-on-Severn (XML Document)
Wizard Interviews - Meet Steve King, aka Wizard, one of the most experienced Severn Bore surfers

Turnagain Arm

Turnagain Arm Pages - Introduction to the Arm and links to section pages
Surfing the Arm - General introduction to the local surfers and the Arm experience

There are numerous additional PDF documents on the site, containing stories and reports, to be found. Additional pages, and some of those listed above are currently under development. If you find any broken links on the site, please mail us.