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Severn Bore Riders Diaries and Recent Reports from the River.

The original collection of bore riders diaries, compiled from 1998 to 2001.

These files are in PDF format, and Acrobat Reader is required to view them.

'The first time Donny lured me into the Severn, the light was fading, the water was cold, the air was silent. I heard the roar long before I saw the wave, my body was shaking all over and my heart was pounding. The fresh water was pulling my feet from under me, as I struggled to hold myself up. Then I saw her...Three foot of solid, foaming, spewing whitewater, hurtling towards me, and I had nowhere to run now! It was all over in an instant. But it wasn't long before I returned....1490 minutes later to be precise!' Site developer and local bore rider, Tom Wright

Random Severn Bore Surfing Photo 2. Random Severn Bore Surfing Photo 4.