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Mascaret 2001, Severn Bore Riders Travel to Bordeaux.

On September 16th 2001, following much preparation and several liasons, Severn Surfers, Wizard, Silver Surfer and Toes took the ferry from Portsmouth on an adventure to the vineyard region of Bordeaux.

The destination was Port St Pardon on the banks of the Dordogne, and the objective was to surf the Mascarets of both the Dordogne and Garonne rivers.

This is the story....

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Here are a few snapshots of the trip from Bruno and Tomo.

'Clinging to the tree half way down the bank, I focused in on the approaching wave, as it crept up the far side in typical Severn fashion. Wirey branches blocked a clear view of the building wave against the near bank where the surfers were waiting. But, as the Mascaret broke with a tumultuous bellow, I knew that something special was happening...' Mascaret 2001, Chapter III

Mascaret Tour 2001, Photo 1. Mascaret Tour 2001, Photo 2. Mascaret Tour 2001, Photo 3. Mascaret Tour 2001, Photo 4. Mascaret Tour 2001, Photo 5.