Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues France
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We like to save the best till last! Here are a couple of Toes' favourite photos from Mascaret 01 for anyone whose made it this far through his convoluted ramblings!

Fabrice and Silver Surfer at Spot X
This superb shot shows the sheer beauty of the wave at Spot X.
Fabrice on the shoulder with Silver inside. (Courtesy Tomo Wright)

Here we see wave-skier and surfer in harmony.
Fabrice, Henri, Toes and Silver all on the wave. (Courtesy Bruno Boue)

Distance record holders surfing abreast.
Wizard on the right with Pascal next to him. (Courtesy Bruno Boue)

In search of the Cousenon Mascaret.
Toes and Silver at Mt St Michel on the home journey. (Courtesy Tomo Wright)

More Photos From Our Evenings Surfing At St Pardon In Bruno's Photo Album

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