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50th Anniversary!!
21st July 2005, Stonebench Near Gloucester, England

On 21st July 1955 the sport of bore surfing was born by an adventurous commando, James Churchill, with his large australian malibu board. The location was Stonebench on the River Severn, and the audience would have been zero if it wasn't for the keen eye of a local farmer's sun.

Summer is rarely a good time for bores, with small tides concurring with very dry rivers. However, 50 years to the day that the Colonel first surfed the bore, the full moon coincides with its closest passage to the earth, its perigee. This heralds a good tide by summer standards, and a perfect opportunity to celebrate the Severn Bore surfers' founding forefather and his acheivement. The tide's will peak several days after the full moon has passed, but good conditions could herald a rideable wave on the exact day.

So keep a space in your diaries, and count away the months (and years!) to this momentuous day.

The Clock Is Ticking... Only Days To Go!

By then the Silver Surfer, a man with a dedicated passion for the life and times of the Colonel, should be able to reveal the history of his life???
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